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In Familia Obscura, we will set up a camera obscura and hold a series of 10-15 minute two-person performances outside throughout the day. This method of performance is thought to have been used in the ancient world as the first film. Our performance piece will be largely physical, with the performers outside the camera obscura and the audience inside it, watching their images flipped upsidedown, and will revolve around the festival's 'Strangely Familiar' theme. The performance may also include elements of dance and live music. When performances are not going on, festival-goers will be able to come inside the camera obscura and watch the goings-on of outside, whether that be other people passing by, other installations, or natural feature. If the camera obscura could be placed to face a source of bright light, such as a light installation or stage, people could come in and watch during the evening, too.