Dust Palace
Angel For Breakfast  


Established by Eve Gordon and Mike Edward in 2009, The Dust Palace is New Zealand's pre-eminent circus theatre company.

First gaining attention for provocative and political burlesque shows the Dust Palace has progressed to creating integrated narrative-based works as our company and audience profile has grown. Having toured extensively both nationally and internationally with our 13 full length theatre works, we have been focussed on growing an audience for circus theatre and on innovating circus as an art form. From our early cabaret-style works we have been introducing our audiences to a more sophisticated, genre-bending blend of circus and physical theatre; challenging and engaging diverse audiences as well as providing mind-blowing entertainment!

The devil dances alone, wringing what life there is out of his twisted heart, he calls his broken angel to play. Devil, Lover, Witch; It’s hard to know who is seducing who. And his angel plays on. The Dust Palace delve into the territory of daemons, fling each other casually through the air, push their bodies to the limit and discover the boundlessness of love. Isolation is hell. Come on in and find a partner. Or two. Or three.