Duo Looky
The Happy Hour  

Gal Baz and Ya-Ya met by chance in September 2011 in a train station at our home town. One year later, we were on a plane to Spain to fulfill our dream of becoming circus artists. We studied for two years at Carampa Circus School in Madrid with the best teachers in Europe. This added skills to 10 years of training ballet (Ya-Ya) and 6 years of training in acrobatics and handstands (Gal Baz). In 2014 we created our first show “A true story we made up” and in 2016 we created our second show “The Happy Hour Show”. International touring has taken us to Festivals in South America, Asia, Europe and Canada.
Awards include;
June 2017 - Pinneberger Kleinkunstfestival‏, Germany. 1st Place Public choice award
Aug 2017 - Lenzburg Gauklerfestival, Swiss. 2nd Place Public choice award

A bartender and a waitress with a mobile bar, dreaming of fame in the circus world. Like the best cocktail mixologists they shake up their coolest tricks with spicy humor to win the love of the audience.

Duo Looky is a fast-paced acrobatic comedy show displaying original circus tricks such as balancing on bottles in ballet pointe shoes and both performers on one unicycle. Discover and enjoy the show out on the Lawn, and at night with highlights at the Cabaret.

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