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Dave Dinger began his career at Berlin's legendary Bar25 in his own very special way. There, he didn’t just play music but actually designed and built the DJ booths and the surrounding constructions that were became the venue's distinctive signature. This unique blend of passion for music and for architecture has driven him through the mesmerising techno underground since the end of the '90s.

There is a warmth, honesty and depth through Dave's work that inhabits his music and his design treatments. As a core member of Berlin's renowned Bachstelzen Collective, he was one of the founders who blueprinted what is known as the now-famous Berlin style — an organic, wild, and sometimes chaotic celebration of social and musical architecture. For Dave, spacial design and sound are both just tools for facilitating unconventional social interactions.

There is a saying: "Talking about music, is like dancing about architecture". Dave Dinger takes the latter part as a challenge. So let his music speak for itself — and dance to both.