Dastardly Bounder Bio pic.jpg

Perchance, do you like to wiggle? Fancy a fandango or a sashay at the soiree? Then the Dastardly Bounder is your man! He’s been accused of many things, but none of them are boring. Expect this incorrigible rogue to provide a soundtrack of funktastic-techy-house business; with guitars, sitars, glitter and voices thrown in for good measure.

For more than 23 years Jamie Larnach (AKA The Dastardly Bounder and Doc Westie) has been entertaining people who really like to dance. He learnt how to DJ on incredibly loud sound systems and was one of the pioneering group who bought us Entrain (New Zealand’s seminal rave) and was a founding member of Splore. His music collection is vast, so expect maximum aural pleasure!