Dan Paine

Long-standing Base FM DJ, Dan Paine returns to the Crystal Palace for Splore 2019! Prepare to join in for an exploration of innovative sounds from a selector and purveyor of music that needs to be heard, and music of that’s yet to be heard.

“(Dan) weaves an eclectic and enticing mix of beautiful sweet sounds across all genres. His depth of knowledge and passion for music appeals to the geeks/heads and layman alike. Get ready to leave feeling uplifted and extremely satisfied by a Dan Paine musical excursion into deep, loving vibes. It's a spiritual experience. Would love him to curate a movie soundtrack.” Wendy Douglas.

“Mr Paine mixes records like Tom Cruise mixes drinks in the movie Cocktail.” Cian.

“It’s 97% probable that you’ll enjoy this ride.” Dan.

Dan DJ Dam Funk.jpg