Craig Neilson is a touring kinetic artist presenting the latest, strangest project from his 'Miracles of Nature' series for his second installation at Splore. His works are inspired by space travel, trees under microscopes, fresh water bird life, banging tunes and vegan dumplings.

My most ambitious kinetic artwork to date! The Wanderwave is a fountain (already a technically challenging medium) with a built-in time machine. The project uses a combination of high and low pressure water, subwoofer motion-control, and custom-built lighting systems to create fleeting geometric visions in air. There is something magic in the rendering of universal constants (like squares and chaos and sine waves) at human-scale, and I like to think that my works leave people closer to the stuff that everything is made of. This is mostly a night-time artwork but if you catch it during the day, pull your camera out to see strange and familiar waves wander in water.