Clicks is the musical amalgamation of house music DJ/producer Dick Johnson and award winning vocalist Anna Coddington.

A UK native, Johnson started out as a resident DJ at Manchester’s legendary nightclub The Hacienda, before turning his hand to studio production, creating tracks and remixes for a number of UK independent labels including Cream’s Olympic label, New Order’s Pleasure Recordings and Paper Recordings as well as releasing his own albums through Underwater and NRK.

Coddington, on the other hand, grew up in Raglan, learned the drums and guitar from an early age, and discovered an addiction to songwriting at high school. She has released 3 solo albums, tours often in NZ and internationally, and has honed her skill as a songwriter and performer through her own music as well as collaborations with Fly My Pretties.

The pair come from opposite ends of the musical spectrum but click together to make something that has the strengths of both- driving electronic beats with carefully-crafted lyrics and melodies.