Claire Baker
Poos, Wees and Sex!


Claire Baker is a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist and Health Coach passionate about reconnecting people to the central core of their bodies.

Poos, wees and sex are fundamental parts of life. We don’t like to talk such things when they’re going well and we certainly don’t like to discuss them when they’re not!

Some of you may be reading this and thinking, "Don't you just wake up, have your morning coffee then poo with ease and satisfaction? Go about your day and approx five times get a gentle urge to urinate which you answer in a calm and controlled manner? Take part in whatever exercise you want with no fear of leakage or your body falling apart? Have a satisfying sex life, no pain, full connection and awareness of your gorgeous body?" If this is you, congrats and enjoy it, for you're in the minority. The majority of people (both men and women) will have trouble with one or more of these functions in their lifetime and tell nobody because... EMBARRASSING! So they put up with it and not realize there is anything they can do about it.

No longer folks! It’s time to drop the shame and talk about what’s going on. Don't let embarrassment stand in the way of good health!

I'm so proud that Wendy’s Wellness at Splore 2019 has realized that this is important info and that you all deserve to know.

This entertaining workshop is audience led. No question is taboo. You can anonymously ask questions for yourself, your partner and your friends and we will have a frank and open discussion about what it’s like when your pelvic floor is letting you down. You will get practical tips on how to reconnect and gain control over your own body.