Plastic Glitter and Glowstick FREE
Glitter is made of tiny pieces of plastic mixed with shiny metals like aluminium. When you swim it floats away and ends up in a fish’s stomach. Try compostable alternatives (Auckland’s BodyFX will be stocking bio-glitter at Splore); or don a sparkle-heavy costume to shine the night away.

Most glow sticks and bracelets end up split open and painted on sunburnt bodies (bad idea - major skin irritant). 100% end up in landfill after just one night. Desperate to glow? Try UV body paint (remove before bed or going swimming).

Cultural appreciation, not appropriation
Thank you for leaving your Native American headdresses at home. These garments have huge spiritual significance and are trivialised every festival season. In some tribes every single feather represents an act of bravery.  

Cultural appreciation is wonderful but cultural appropriation is not. 

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BYOB - Bring your own water bottle!
Two minutes to drink, hundreds of years to decompose. To make plastic bottles in the US, more than 17 million barrels of oil (a nonrenewable resource that fuels global warming) are used - the same amount needed to keep a million cars going for a year.  

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Buy once, buy well (or borrow)
Think about what goes into your products that you buy and whether they will end up in the bin in six months’ time. This website stocks some of the products you should only need to buy once. If you don’t have what you need for Splore, don’t buy a cheap, badly-made version.

Just borrow it!
You’ll have lots of chances to make ethical purchases from our vendors, many of whom give new life to products by selling beautiful second hand clothing and recycled or up-cycled goods.