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Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga uses a combination of laughter exercises, deep breathing, gentle stretches, and relaxation to bring more fun, good health and less stress into our lives.

Laughter Yoga reduces stress and lowers blood pressure. - Improves immune, respiratory, cardiovascular and lymphatic functioning.

DB4 Chewy Wilson webpage image.jpg

The session encourages laughter for no reason (fake it till you make it), eye contact and lots of silliness resulting in a playful experience which opens up the heat and soul.
Guaranteed fun!

Chewy has been running Laughter Yoga sessions for over 4 years now at places like Prana, Voices of Sacred Earth Festival and Laughter Clubs.

Chewy is a percussionist and plays Djembe with his band Tamani. 

Chewy also plays a mix of world instruments including Djembe, Native American flute, Didgeridoo, thumb piano and hand pan. He weaves together ethereal sounds using a loop pedal to create sound journeys that uplift the soul.