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Consciously Living with GOOD

If you consider yourself a conscious-living person who loves life, style and the planet, then this session hosted by Good magazine editor Carolyn Enting is for you!

Carolyn Enting is editor of Good magazine, a lifestyle magazine that champions and celebrates innovation and people doing great things in the conscious-living space. Since taking the helm at Good mag in October 2015 her goal has been to create and curate content that uplifts, inspires and makes people feel good. She believes inspired people make positive change makers, particularly in the areas she and Good readers are passionate about – wellness, organics, natural beauty, social justice, ethical fashion choices, the environment, eco travel, wine and craft beer to a few.

During her talk (which will be open to questions) she’ll cover off aspects of healing (from grief to food); living your purpose; and share how Good’s has recently made a difference through its social justice stories for tigers in Thailand, and people in Guatemala. Carolyn also talk about ‘Find Frank’ (Frank is Good’s office dog and daschund), a fun element she introduced to the magazine for no other reason than to provide a fun exercise for readers. The session with end with the optional activity of a mindful colouring-in exercise.