Carnivorous Plant Society tell stories guaranteed to melt your mind in the most pleasurable way.

Led by musician and animator Finn Scholes, they coax life from an astounding array of instruments ­ trumpets, violin, vibraphone, tuba, guitar, synthesizers, keyboards, bass, drums, the odd vocal and even some whistling.

Mexican mariachi mixes with spaghetti western; futuristic sci­fi blends with bizarre, spine­ chilling nuances drawn from Stephen King novels.

The band’s visual aesthetic has evolved at the same time with their sound, resulting in a collection of animated videos that accompany the songs live as well as online. When experienced together, the songs abound with a joyous energy sprung from instrumental dexterity and an enthusiasm for the bizarre, while the images persist in the imagination long after they are out of sight.

In 2013 they released their self ­titled album and since then have released via soundcloud a number of audio book style stories written and scored by Finn Scholes. In 2016 so far they released their ‘Phantom Finger’ EP, toured the most far­flung reaches of NZ .