Karen Maurice O’Leary started as an art director creating large scale commercial public installations, winning awards in Cannes, London, Miami, New York and Sydney. She now also creates public installations and visual poetry. She’s exhibited for Waterfront Auckland, Art in the Dark, Big Day Out and this is her fifth installation with SPLORE. She lives in Auckland and is on the constant hunt for new ways to connect people and spaces to create positive environments. 

Read To Me.

Launching the pages of her first poetry book exclusively to SPLORE festival goers, this installation embraces many levels of magic, and it’s sure to bring a few strangers together. Reading to each other is luxury that knows no age, it’s as special now as it was when you were five. Lay under the ambient glow of a canopy of lights as a cascade of giant poetry pages float above you. Every poem diving deep into an observation of the strangely familiar connections we all feel. Enjoy day, night and dawn. 

Nice to Meet You. 

A popular feature from last year returns, perfectly embodying this year’s theme. ‘Nice To Meet You’ is a 7 metre long wall that removes the strange from stranger. It’s a wall that remove boundaries, a dedicated space to make the leap and greet someone new for the first time. It also glows in the dark, because meeting new souls is 24/7 thing!