Auckland City natives Faz & Cleophus comprise the underground hip hop force that is Badcrop. Handling both production & vocals, the pair have, over the years, carved out a lane distinctly their own. Born out of a literal hunger, after moving to Australia in hopes of finding meaningful employment, they found themselves with no money & no other option but to use what little skills they had to survive. Many long nights of busking watered a seed that has grown into something wholey unintended. From these humble beginnings, the duo have steadily added to their repertoire & accumulated a cult following amongst a generation of disenchanted youth. Fusing jazz inspired arrangements with an array of spoken word, freestyle rhyme & instropective lyric, Badcrop has developed a sound both classic & progressive. Founders of K-road collective 'The Grow Room', the pair can be found honing their crafts from your local street corner to your favourite drinking hole, their live show is one not to be missed