Your AWOP wristband is your wallet for the weekend. You'll use it for all spending on site and each time you buy something, the amount is deducted from your wristband electronically. It's super-easy.

When you first arrive go to one of the onsite Banks and load your wristband using cash or eftpos. You can top up or get a full refund from the banks as often as you like for no additional fees.

You can check your balance at any bar or vendor. Your wristband is sturdy and can handle swimming and all the dancing and chances are you’ll never lose it. In case you’re wondering Splore and AWOP do not link any personal information with the wristband, so all your shenanigans remain private.

If you don't get a refund at the end of the weekend, don't worry you can visit AWOP online and request your refund electronically. Remember to keep your wristband because you will need to send AWOP the number on the back of the wrsitwristband chip as well as your banking details. Online refunds will be available until the end of March following the Festival.