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Arielle Walker and Liam Mullins
Gaze at the Stars

Arielle Walker and Liam Mullins will be repurposing recycled materials into a mesmerizing installation featuring a glowing neon chandelier and web-like membranes, offering an otherworldly experience and a moment to pause and gaze at the stars.

Arielle Walker is a Tāmaki Makaurau-based writer and visual artist. Her current practice continues her studies into contemporary craft, focusing on inequity and the contrast between mass-consumption and artisanal ingenuity. Her work seeks to challenge apathy with tactility, to invite engagement, and provoke conscious Thought.

Liam Mullins is an independent creative and maker with an observational interest in environments. His current works explore the storytelling potential of objects through photography and design, understanding negative space and that what is “not there’ is often more important than what is.