Splore Visual Arts programme


Splore has always been a festival about delivering rich experiences in both music and the arts. The role of art within Splore is a fundamental part of the festival and one which we continue to develop.

Over the years Splore has hosted an ever increasing pool of artists who have delivered an incredible collection of artworks which have left an indelible impression upon the event and it’s audience.

The most successful works have embraced the Splore culture, theme and environment and added to the festival experience with works that engage, connect and inspire the audience.

We aim to continue to explore the ways that art can contribute to the festival, how it can affect our sense of space, relationship to place and people and provide encounters that challenge our thinking, behaviour and beliefs.

We are particularly interested in works of scale, ideas that respond to site, provoke interaction and are inherently ambitious or aspirational.

We invite artists, designers, filmmakers, architects, performing artists and creatives to embrace the theme and bring their talents to bear on a project to present within Splore.


Celebrate yourself! Celebrate friendship! Celebrate love, diversity, whanau and freedom! Celebrate your body! Celebrate tēnei whenua! Celebrate kindness, mother nature & sunshine! Celebrate everyday! Celebrate Splore!

It’s Splore’s 20th birthday plus 2019 marks our tenth whakanui at Tapapakanga Regional Park. Celebrate! Splore 2019 is your invitation to join our celebration, to bring your own reasons to celebrate and together make celebration the theme for everyday.

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Some of things to consider in developing a concept for the Splore Art programme:

Site Specificity - works that are developed in response to specific aspects of the Splore festival site at Tapapakanga Regional Park including its geography, topography and history both pre and post colonialism.

Scale - Tapapakanga Regional park is a big site and scale can become an important consideration in developing an effective response to it.

Day and Night Experience - work should offer something to the audience in both day and night settings.

Durability - Splore is a place for tough art. Works that factor in the audience and their eagerness for interaction. If your works invites a hands on experience then make it strong. If it doesn’t, then how might you present it so that it minimizes risk of breakage?

Thematic Response - works that respond the the festival’s theme of the year. 

Spatial - artworks that occupy, create or define space and take advantage of landscape features (terrain, water and trees).

Kinetic artworks - light/kinetic/sound sculptures (electrically powered or wind driven etc).  

Sculpture or Object Art – artworks in various materials that are already made or will be made for placement in the park landscape.

Collaborative Inter-Arts Projects – artworks that are developed collaboratively by practitioners from a different mediums, eg filmmaker/sculptor working/architect collaborate to make a work. 

Scalability - can your concept scale up and down in size, scope, complexity or cost? We are keen to help great ideas find a place in our programme - sometimes we may want to take your idea up a few levels, sometimes it might need reigning in a touch. Is it flexible enough to do this?

Environmental Sustainability

We really care about the impact we make on our environment are guided by a set of forward thinking principles and a robust sustainability policy in all areas festival delivery. We are working towards a zero waste festival.

Projects which consider the use of environmentally safer materials and methods will be given priority. Can you use alternative energy sources to power or activate it?

Are the materials recyclable, reused, non toxic or smarter?

Can the energy from the community be captured to bring your project to life?

Costs & Financial Contributions

Our budget is limited but we can assist with certain aspects such as: material/development costs, lighting, power, transport and production labour for installation.

We cannot however, provide hardware elements such as projectors, cpu’s or other similar project specific requirements.

Rather than a pre-set amount for selected artists/projects, each project will be assessed on its merits and awarded a suitable grant. When submitting your proposal, think about materials you will need and what it will cost you to create - including your time! Your budget should include all costs.

You can also consider applying for external funding. Crowdfunding has proven to be a viable way of raising money for projects and a number of projects have successfully received Creative Communities funding over the years.

Artists that present projects which engage with the community both pre, during and post Splore will be able to tap into Splore's networks to raise awareness, interest and potential funds towards projects. Please consider this as a way to stimulate support and excitement in your work.

Ownership, Copyright and Acknowledgement

If works are commissioned by Splore directly and then given the opportunity to present at other events, festivals or venues, Splore requests that an acknowledgement be made in programmes, websites and other channels of communication .

The copyright of work created by you during the timeframe of creating and presenting works at Splore remains with the artist.

Splore reserves the right to use images of Splore artworks for Splore Festival promotion and marketing.

For more information please contact arts@splore.net

Please submit your application before 15 November 2018.