Massage Therapy, Reiki, Reflexology

Restorative massage has many benefits, improving circulation, easing muscular tension and reducing stress. The deep relaxation experienced will accelerate the body’s natural healing system.  

Amelia joins us from Healing Hands Massage Therapy & Harvest Natural Health Centre in Grey Lynn and specialises in restorative massage therapy which includes a combination of modalities such as; aromatherapy, holistic pulsing, reflexology and reiki.   

The Holistic massage treatment is designed to reduce stress, alleviating the physical and emotional ailments that result from everyday life.

Massage increases circulation and oxygen in the blood, improves flexibility, reduces tensions and decreases stress hormone levels.

Essential oils stimulate the olfactory system which relays to the part of the brain that controls emotions.  By using different scents we can evoke different emotional states to positively influence your wellbeing.

Reiki, which promotes a feeling of deep relaxation, is a Japanese healing technique that works on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  Rei - means life force and Ki - means energy.

Reflexology elicits a response from the nervous system by stimulating or sedating reflex points on the feet.  Every part of your body is connected via nerve pathways which correlate to organs and ends in the hands or feet.

These modalities together can offer you a delightful pamper session and a way to honour your wellbeing while at Splore.