Situated in a beguiling bay on the shores of Tapapakanga Park is a boutique music and arts festival like no other.  An entertainment extravaganza and New Zealand's greatest dress up party. We invite you to embrace the theme and join this mindful tribe of party animals!

Hey! Hi! Don't I know you from somewhere... Haven't we met before?
There's just something about you.. I don't know? Like we knew each other in another lifetime. Wait... Look, I can't quite put my finger on it, but there's something, well different about you but at the same time, STRANGELY FAMILIAR

We fell in LOVE, we built a HOME and we went on an epic SUMMER ODYSSEY.
It’s about time for a FAMILY REUNION.

You must be the black sheep, or are you the homecoming queen? The family frump or the family freak? Are you the prodigal son or the wayward daughter? What draws us here together? What brings you to our Splore Family Reunion?
Family? Yep, Family because we all feel the funk in the bass of our groovetastic souls. Kindred spirits with a ‘commonessence’ flowing through a multi-coloured sea of fabulous costumes, diverse identities as one entity. The family that frolics together, stays together! So get your freak on, it's a family funktion and you're all invited! 

Festival Info








Festival Info








Sweet Music

Eclectic, performance-based music policy with plenty of pleasant surprises . Based on extensive vetting of acts before booking to ensure a consistently high standard of music and charisma.

A festival line up you may not be largely familiar with but one that always provides the audience with lots of  “favourite new acts”. Check out the line-up



The Art

The history of the Splore visual arts program is rich with works which integrate into the festival in very interesting ways. Artworks embrace the Splore culture, theme and environment and add to it by engaging and connecting the audience. A fantastic feast for our eyes and souls.

Performance Arts

Featuring an array of extraordinary talents, Splore is guaranteed to surprise and delight with shows, workshops, happenings, flash mobs and disruptions, to view, experience and participate. Check out the line-up


Spotify your Splore

The Splore Way

  • Respect - ourselves, each other and all the bird, bees, plants and rivers that surround us
  • Make “choice” choices - refuse before we reuse, think ahead, and buy once, buy well
  • Leave No Trace - we aim for zero waste
  • Feel great, doing good - hug a stranger, be a mindful consumer and
  • Do it everyday - take the goodness home and keep your mind, and your heart, open. 

Waahi Tapu

Tapapakanga Park is steeped in significant archaeological sites that are important records of history of the tangata whenua Ngati Whanaunga and Ngati Paoa and are protected by law. Please respect these areas they are clearly marked and are off limits to the Splore audience.

Eat and Drink

We take great pride in the quality of the food available at Splore. There's an array of styles and cultures, serving up a wide range of deliciously nourishing, well priced, fresh real food . 

There are several bars located throughout the festival site serving beer, wine, spirits and non-alcoholic drinks.


Our partners help us create a great festival, thanks to them we can pull Splore off every year. Their support means we can focus on the finest entertainment and audience orientated fun so that you have the best summer time fun.

Click here for a snapshot of our partners and what they will be doing and why they are involved with us.




What's a Splore?

Mrs Byrne's Dictionary of Unusual, Obscure and Preposterous Words defines Splore as ‘Merry-making festivities, carousing and frolicking or a good going session.'

Situated on the shores of Tapapakanga Park, the three-day Splore festival introduces fresh energy and a new dimension to the ancient homeland of the tangata whenua Ngāti Whanaunga and Ngāti Paoa.

The pristine environment is a platform to educate and inspire our Splore community through the festival kaupapa (ethos, values and beliefs) of contributing to the well-being of our planet by creating transformational experiences and throwing a bloody good party.

Splore is equal parts liberation and libation; idealism and interactivity; creative showcase and community springboard. 

A Splore state of mind has no borders, sees only possibilities and is at one with nature.

Splore offers a multitude of opportunities for getting down, local and international acts rocking the main stage massive, an arts trail to delight your senses, a wide range of the finest food vendors to nourish your body and a brand-spanking-new wellness area to revive and nurture the body and soul.  All the while across the beach, burlesque nymphs dangle from trapeze in a marquee full of costumed, midnight revellers. 

The Splore community is as much a part of the show, as the performers are key to the scene.

Simply put, Splore is a boutique music and arts festival like no other.


Family & Kids

Family & Kids

Tickets For Teens

We want to make it affordable for growing families to attend Splore, so the price of youth tickets is just $125 + BF for teenagers aged 13-17. This reduced youth ticket price applies to youths attending with parents or guardians over 30 years old.

Tickets For Kids

Children 12 and under are free. Parents just need to select a $0 value kids ticket when purchasing their own. There will be a $6 charge for the child's wristband. This way we can keep a handle on how many kids are going to be onsite and cater for families more accurately. 

Join Splore Families

Have you heard about the Splore Families page on Facebook?  Follow us to stay updated with the latest news including kids programmes, The Rumpus Room, food, contests and more. 




Splore is committed to constantly improving in all areas and minimising our impact on the environment is no exception.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, from eliminating single use cups and water bottles, introducing reusable serve-ware for our food and working closely with Tapapakanga’s iwi, Ngāti Paoa  and Ngāti Whanaunga. Splore is a member of the Sustainable Business Network and is proud to be the first New Zealand festival to win the international ‘A Greener Festival Award’ for our sustainability initiatives.

Thanks to the Splorers (that's you) we create a festival environment where we rewrite the rules and explore a better, and more exciting, way of living.

Love this Place - Leave no trace

Ko Papatūānuku te whaea o te whenua.
Papatūānuku is the earth mother. Honour the whenua

It is a privilege to party on this sacred whenua, Tapapakanga. We are very thankful to the tangata whenua, Ngāti Paoa and Ngāti Whanaunga, and their ancestors - the first occupants of this beautiful place. They give us their blessing to be here. Please be kaitiaki (caregivers) and make us proud while we live here as the Splore community.