Kelly Spencer


Kelly is a Wellington based illustrator, known primarily for her beautifully crafted hand-lettering. Kelly loves to travel, and whilst she holds residence at Honey badgers Studios in Wellington City, she aims to head overseas at least once a year, painting walls across the world. She’ll also jump at any opportunity to explore homeland NZ and take on contracts and commissions nation wide.

The fluidity of Kelly's creative style often leads her to projects which allow collaboration with other artists across a variety of mediums. In addition to operating full time as a freelance graphic artist, she is one of 5 directing members of The League of Live Illustrators - a lively and glittery team of graphic facilitators for hire. (liveillustrators.com)

Kelly’s work allows her the freedom to design across a wide variety of media, and she can be found either in-studio or out on the streets, adorning surfaces large and small with her colourful forms. Work to date involves murals and street art, book illustration, web design, sign painting, apparel graphics, festival & gig branding, identity design and set design.

Gina Kiel


Gina Kiel is a full time illustrator/artist based in Wellington, New Zealand. She creates feminine yet strong images that exude sensuality and explore ideas of love, life, death and pop culture using a bright psychedelic palette and a range of analog and digital mediums. 

With a childhood full of music, nature, Disney movies and hours of drawing, Gina became an illustrator after working at a boutique animation company, drawing frame-by-frame at a light box, where she discovered her love for drawing body parts.
Gina is represented by The Drawing Book Studios in Australia and Illustration Online in the USA and works alongside Inject Design and many local clients to help create some of NZ's most iconic design work. Gina can be found working at her home studio or out pursuing her biggest passion to create bold colourful large scale works in public spaces.

Sean Duffell


Sean Duffell is a full-time Wellington based Graphic Artist, predominantly painting commissioned large scale walls in public and private spaces. 
The abstract shapes and intricately detailed patterns found within his original works, are his personal renditions of natures repeating and symmetrical pattern work found within the macro worlds of natures insects, birds and fauna. The ancient civilisations used nature to inspire their artworks as does Sean. Living in such a young country as New Zealand Sean concentrates on initiating his own culture imagery as an identity and a narrative for who he is. Predominantly painting on walls, Sean claims a huge part of of what he does is talking to the wider community and engaging with society in which the artwork lives. Connections and communication is a huge ethos behind his work. 

Working vastly across New Zealand and the past 3 years Australia, South East Asia and South america. Sean attends many Arts Festivals and Music Festivals as well as traveling extensively for client based work. 

Thijs de Koning

Thijs de Koning's works are inspired by playful characters. For Splore 2016 he installed a bamboo playground. This year he is painting. Visit yoyelz.tumblr.com for more of this and some of that.